Soaking Prayer Center Den Haag

Come and soak in the presence of the Lord


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Soaking in His presence


 holy spirit



All over the world there are hundreds of Soaking Prayer Centers in more than 70 countries.
One of them is the Catch the Fire Soaking Prayer Center in Den Haag.
It's a place to meet God and Jesus in the holy Spirit.
A place to be in His presence.

Soaking meetings

We have no regular soaking meetings.
If we schedule a meeting, you will find more information and  meeting dates on this site.



Our soaking prayer center is part of a worldwide network of soaking centers.
If you need more information or if you have any questions, please send us an email.
We will respond to your email as soon as possible.



Soaking Prayer Center Den Haag - Hengelolaan 225 (entrance Orveltestraat) - Den Haag