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What is soaking?

To soak in God's presence is to rest in His love, rather than to "strive" in prayer. As you rest expectantly in God's presence, often the holy Spirit hovers over you to reveal more of God's love and to renew and repair areas in your life. Gentle and intimate worship music will help you to quiet your soul and to bring you closer to God's heart.


How do I know if I need to soak?

  • If you are spiritually dry, soaking can revitalise your spirit
  • If you long to move more powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit, soaking can help you hear God clearer
  • If you are looking for fresh vision and direction in life, soaking can bring it
  • If you are hurting inside, soaking can ease the pain
  • If you are about to start something new and need the Lord's strengthening, soaking can refresh you
  • If you are searching for an answer to a problem or situation, soaking can help you find the way
  • If you carry responsibilities, soaking can lift your burden
  • If you are trapped by habitual sin, soaking can empower you to break free
  • If you are having relationship difficulties, soaking can give you new resources of grace, patience and love
  • If you simply want to have more intimacy in your love for your heavenly Father, soaking can take you deeper

How can you soak?

Although you don't have to lie down, you may sit in a chair or lie on your bed, the main thing is to be in a safe place so you can be vulnerable. Set your affection on Jesus.

You might like to soak while listening to intimate worship music with meaningful words that quiet your soul and help you draw near to God. As you reflect on the cross and all that Jesus has lovingly purchased for you, begin confessing your sins to Him and longing to be close to Him. After a few moments, you will become aware of the Holy Spirit's unseen presence.

People experience Him in many ways: a weight upon your body, an electric tingling upon your hands or face, or a warm sensation of love going through your heart which connects you to Him. This is how you grow to love anyone, by a series of several encounters that bond you together. It is not only a rational process; your heart must be engaged.

Experiencing God's presence is what will cause you to love the Lord with all your heart and soul.  (Matthew 22:37) Humble yourself before Him. Give all your worries and cares to the Lord talking to Him about them.

Pray a prayer like this. "Lord Jesus, I invite You to come and search my heart. Come close and let me know your love." Let worship rise up inside you and give yourself to the Lord. If you become distracted, then re-focus on Jesus. Remind yourself why you are soaking and listen to the worship music.


How long do I continue to soak?

It usually takes about fifteen minutes to quiet the business of life and enter into rest. But Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, and He wants you to enter into His rest. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace, so we need to take quality time with Him. You cannot force or hurry this. The idea is not to  "get" something but to "be" with Someone. Take time just to be with Him; to love Him and let Him love you. If you fall asleep, that's OK. If you are interrupted, you can always come back for more. You will know when your time is finished.  You will feel a satisfaction in your heart and a release to go and get on with life.

Occasionally people can become quite emotional during soaking prayer. God may want to touch deep places in the heart. There are often areas of past wounding where we are very reluctant to go. That is often the very place that the Lord wants you to revisit so that He can bring freedom and healing to areas of fear and pain.  It is helpful to have friends and even experienced ministry people in the room so they can love you through this and help reassure you to go ahead in faith in order to, so as to bring closure to these areas.



Do I have to lie down?

No, you can soak sitting in a chair, if you find it more comfortable. Being still and at rest is the key. Some people find it easier to surrender themselves when they lie down on the floor. It can even happen that you fall asleep. That's perfectly valid. Deep, holy Spirit sleep is very good for us, especially in difficul and stressful times. See Genesis 2:21, Daniel 10:8-10 and Luke 9:32.


How will I know if soaking is doing me any good?

Many people feel immediate benefits such as a renewed love for the Lord, a lifting of weights or fresh energy. Often evidence of long term changes are discovered later when back in daily life.




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